Question: Which pumps is Efficiency Vermont paying out energy upgrade incentives to?

Answer: The Grundfos energy incentives include ALL Alpha, Magna 1 & 3, and the TPE3 series. The program in Vermont by VEIC (Vermont Energy Investment Company) dba “Efficiency Vermont” is the most advanced HVAC pump program in North America. No other state is currently offering energy incentives from 1/25 HP to 30 HP on ECM, VFD pumps with optimization logic controls.


Upstream Circulator Program

The results of these incentives have reduced energy costs for many Vermont home and building owners. Since the Upstream Program (Alpha’s, Magnas) and the Large High Performance Pump Program ( CRE-DPs, VLSE’s, LCSE’s, VLSC’s, 3-30HP) was successfully launched, other states have been replicating bits and parts of their Incentive Program but none has the entire range that Efficiency Vermont offers to its customers.

Below is the Large High Performance Pump Program that qualifies Grundfos E-Solution pumps ranging from 3 HP to 30 HP. The CRE-DP series replaces most all competitive base mounted pumps.

For the most updated list of qualifying pumps on the program, go to

For larger commercial pumps up to 30 HP, pleased see the custom Large High Performance Pump program details below:

Commercial Pump Program