Grundfos TPE3 Series Description

The TPE3 series pump is of the top-pull-out design, i.e. the power head (motor, pump head and impeller) can be removed for maintenance or service while the pump housing remains in the pipework. The shaft seal is according to EN 12756. Pipework connection is via 16 ANSI flanges. Pipework connection is via 16 ANSI flanges. The pump is fitted with a fan-cooled, permanent-magnet synchronous motor. The motor efficiency is classified as IE5 in accordance with IEC 60034-30-2. The motor includes a frequency converter and PI controller in the motor terminal box. This enables continuously variable control of the motor speed, which again enables adaptation of the performance to a given requirement.

Variable Speed Controller With Built-In Frequency Controller




A.  Contractor shall furnish and install Grundfos TPE in–line circulator pumps with integrated variable speed drive in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and plans.


The work in this section is subject to the requirements of applicable portions of the following standards:

  1. Hydraulic Institute
  2. ANSI – American National Standards Institute
  3. ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
  4. IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  5. NEMA – National Electrical Manufacturers Association
  6. NEC – National Electrical Code
  7. ISO – International Standards Organization
  8. UL – Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.




  1. Furnish and install circulator pumps as per plans and pump schedule.
  2. The pump, electric motor and integrated variable speed drive (VSD) shall be designed and manufactured by a single manufacturer.  The manufacturer shall have unit responsibility.

2.1.1  PUMPS

  1. The pumps shall be of the single stage, in-line design with suction and discharge port flanges  of identical diameter.
  2. The head-capacity curve shall have a steady rise in head from maximum to minimum flow within the preferred operating region.
  3. The pumps shall have the following features:
    1. The pump housing shall have a stainless steel/teflon neck ring to minimize recirculation and increase pump efficiency.
    2. The impellers shall be laser welded stainless to obtain maximum efficiency. Cast impellers and composite material shall not be acceptable. The impellers shall be secured to the shaft with a split cone and a nut.
    3. The suction and discharge flanges shall be tapped and drilled (1/4” NPT) to allow gauge installation on the pump.
    4. The pump shall have unbalanced mechanical seal. The mechanical seal shall be manufactured by the same manufacturer. The seal faces shall be tungsten carbide/carbon with EPDM rubber bellows. ( For glycol applications reduced face o-ring seal with tungsten carbide vs. tungsten carbide faces shall be used)
    5. Pump Construction.

a.  Pump housing and motor stool                Cast iron EN-JL-1040 (A 48 Cl 30B)

b.  Impellers, rotor can, rotor cladding                  304 Stainless Steel

c.  Shaft                                                                     431 Stainless Steel

d. Coupling:                                                  Cast iron, 2 piece rigid coupling

e. Coupling guard                                                    304 stainless steel

e.  Vent screw                                                          Brass

For open loop applications pump housing and motor adapter shall be bronze.

6. All pumps shall be tested per ISO 9906 Annex A. Test certificates are not required.

7. Pump housing and pump adapter shall be electro coated high corrosion resistance and paint shall be cured at minimum 200°C.

2.1.2 MOTORS

  1. Each motor shall be of the asynchronous squirrel cage design or ECM and tested with the pump as one unit by the same manufacturer.
  2. The motor enclosure shall be TEFC.
  3. The motor insulation shall be Class F with temperature rise of Class B.

2.1.3 Integrated variable speed drive.

  1. The VSD) shall be designed and manufactured by the same manufacturer. The VSD shall be factory installed on the motor.
  2. The VSD enclosure class shall be IP44.
  3. The VSD shall have the human interface options of;
    1. Control panel on the VSD face
    2. Infrared remote control
    3. Building Automation Systems via  LonWorks ( with optional converter unit)
  4. The VSD shall be able controlled by the signals from a single sensor. The sensor shall be supplied by other. The acceptable sensors signal is  4 to 20 mA. ) to 20 mA or 10-10 Vdc signals are also acceptable.  The field set up of the VSD shall show units of the sensor. (ie °F , PM ,psi etc.)
  5. VSD shall allow one digital input and one set point input.


The pump shaft shall be installed per manufacturer’s recommendations. The face of the VSD shall be not be covered in order to allow infrared control signal control. The system shall be vented out from a higher location from the pump. The required inlet pressure by the pump shall be available at the pump inlet as recommended by the pump manufacturer.


The pumps shall be factory performance and hydrostatic tested as a complete unit prior to shipment. The testing shall be done in accordance with ISO 9906 Annex A. No test certificate is required.


The warranty period shall be a non-prorated period of 24 months from date of installation, not to exceed 30 months from date of manufacture. Warranty shall cover pump, motor and VSD. 8