A Complete Packaged Pumping Systems for Pressure Boosting and HVAC

The Grundfos Hydro MPC is an integrated packaged pumping system that offers an easier, less costly and more efficient alternative to field-built systems in both pressure boosting and HVAC applications. Pre-piped, pre-wired and pre-tested, this system includes pumps, motors, controls, VFDs and more for easier installation and commissioning, and unrivaled performance.

Using intelligent controls and smaller pumps, the Hydro MPC harnesses the power of parallel pumping for greater flexibility, scalability and efficiency in ever-changing load conditions. This reduces energy consumption by more than 18% compared to other VFD HVAC and pressure boosting systems, providing substantial cost savings in the long run.

Single source supplier for every component of the Hydro MPC, so Grundfos is your only contact for service
Modular design options for cost-effective packaged solutions with a smaller footprint than traditional pumping systems

CR/CRE pumps have extremely low inertia, meaning minimal vibration and
do not require alignment
Advanced permanent magnet motor offers an additional 7–10% decrease in energy cost over NEMA Premium motors with conventional VFDs (available up to 15 hp)
Efficiency based sequencing, CU 352 controller runs up to 6 pumps by intelligently monitoring power and pressure
SCADA via CIM expansion card that plugs in to the CU 352 for easy BMS integration, via a variety of protocols with BACnet as standard, and utilizes single poll functionality that pings device once for over 30 communication points of data and control
Built-in logging capability for easy trouble-shooting and energy analysis
Secondary (fallback) sensors allows for system control if remote sensor fails
Innovative cartridge mechanical seal can be replaced in minutes for easier maintenance and reduced downtime
One housekeeping pad and no grouting, for easier and more cost-effective installation; fits on existing housekeeping pads for retrofits
No suction diffusers, triple duty valves or alignment necessary

316 stainless steel manifolds are engineered to streamline flow, reduce pressure loss and protect
against corrosion

• Multizone control regulates up to 6 HVAC zones within a defined differential-pressure band
• Dedicated HVAC control (optional) using Control HVAC that can control up to 26 zones and includes chiller bypass control
• Additional sensors (optional) enable top zone control