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  • Alpha2 – Energy Rebates

    Alpha2 – Energy Rebates

    Question: Which pumps is Efficiency Vermont paying out energy upgrade incentives to? Answer: The Efficiency Vermont/Burlington Electric program offers Upstream (point of purchase) incentives for the Alpha 1&2, Magna 1 & 3, and the TPE3 series. HIGH PERFORMANCE CIRCULATOR PUMPS https://www.efficiencyvermont.com/Media/Default/docs/rebates/qpls/efficiency-vermont-high-performance-circulator-pumps-qualifying-products.pdf

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    Welcome to PumpHVAC.com, a community source for providing Grundfos pump technical information and troubleshooting solutions from Alpha 2 to the Hydro MPCE series. Based in Denmark and manufactured globally (including the US), Grundfos is the premiere manufacturer of the most technologically advanced HVAC and plumbing integrated pump packaged systems available. Their highly efficient pumps have Grundfos […]