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  • Alpha2 – Energy Rebates

    Alpha2 – Energy Rebates

    Question: Which pumps is Efficiency Vermont paying out energy upgrade incentives to? Answer: The Efficiency Vermont/Burlington Electric program offers Upstream (point of purchase) incentives for the Alpha 1&2, Magna 1 & 3, and the TPE3 series. HIGH PERFORMANCE CIRCULATOR PUMPS

  • MAGNA 3 Q&A – Sensor Replacement?

    MAGNA 3 Q&A – Sensor Replacement?

    Question: I need to replace the external sensor on a Magna, can I repair it and how do I replace it? Answer: If the sensor (P/N 97471249) is malfunctioning, it is most likely due to being contaminated and not defective. If it was defective, it would not work as soon as the pump was installed. […]

  • MAGNA 3 Q&A – Alternating Control (Lead-Lag)

    Question: Can set up Magna’s in lead-lag without the cost and labor of adding a Tekmar device? Answer: Yes. Built in is a Grundfos proprietary wireless signal called “GenieAir” (similar to a Bluetooth frequency) that allows the pumps to communicate between each other. This is commonly used when there is no BMS and they are […]