Question: How do I wire a single phase Magna 3 to the available three phase?

Answer: The Magna 3 accepts a single-phase power input; however, it is common in many installations to replace an existing three-phase pump with the Magna 3 by simply using two “hot legs” and ground to provide the appropriate supply voltage to the pump.  Any remaining unused power supply legs are disconnected from the panel and both ends are tied off and marked appropriately.

The Magna 3 is available in two voltage variants: Single Phase 115V and Single Phase 208-230V.  Always check the nameplate to verify the voltage rating of the pump before connecting power.  

The following examples show the Magna 3 can be connected to power in differing supply configurations.  If there is any uncertainty regarding the existing configuration a qualified person can measure the supply voltage with an AC voltmeter to ensure the correct legs are used to deliver the appropriate voltage to the pump.

NOTE: Electrical connections and protection must be done by qualified personnel in accordance with local regulations and the MAGNA3 Installation and Operating Instructions :