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Welcome to PumpHVAC.com, a source for providing Grundfos pump technical information and troubleshooting solutions from Magna 3 to larger commercial series.

Based in Denmark and manufactured globally (including the US), Grundfos is known worldwide to manufacture the most technologically advanced heating, cooling and plumbing integrated pump packaged systems.

The highly efficient Grundfos E-Solutions have proprietary MLE non-overloading motors, built-in proportional differential/temperature sensors, ECM’s up to 15 HP, dry run/thermal overload protection and advanced integrated logic controls with full BMS protocol compatibility.

Grundfos is well-known to be supported only by the most highly professional and technically trained rep agencies in the industry – especially URELL INC. of New England.

CRE-DP Six Pack

Pictured above are six E-Solutions CRE-DPs on a custom fabricated stand as part of an entire campus Grundfos E-Solutions energy upgrade in partnership with Urell Inc./Efficiency VT that re-placed dozens of Taco and B&G pumps at the Veterans Administration Hospital in White River Junction, VT.

The results shown below were significant energy savings, increased patient comfort and elimination of maintenance costs. To learn more, go to http://www.grundfos.com or contact your local Grundfos wholesaler.