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TPE3 – Intelligent Pumping Simplified.

The TPE3 from Grundfos is the smartest inline pump, combining best-in-class pump intelligence and efficiency in a groundbreaking pump that’s easier than ever to use.

A true plug-and-pump solution for both new and existing buildings, the TPE3 comes packed with features that give you system intelligence while eliminating multiple accessories and complicated installations. A flow-limiting function means there’s no need for a pump balancing valve, and the integrated temperature and pressure sensors eliminate the need for additional sensors in most cases.

Smart control modes allow the TPE3 to begin learning about your system’s pressure, temperature and flow characteristics the moment it’s installed, using system conditions, preloaded data and your input to gradually optimize performance. As it learns, the TPE3 also continuously collects and logs performance data, giving you the complete visibility you need to make informed decisions about your system.

The TPE3 is built to last, with Grundfos durability and communication features that provide the system feedback you need to address changes in real time. Mechanical enhancements make servicing the TPE3 fast and easy.

When it comes to commercial heating and cooling, the intelligent TPE3 simplifies every stage of the process, making your decision an easy one. The TPE3 is the best choice for intelligent and efficient pumping, simplified.

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