BACnet CIM card

Question: How do I set up a Magna 3 to communicate with BACNet controls to my building automation system?

Answer For a Magna 3 or any Grundfos smart pump, add a Grundfos BACnet CIM (Communications Interface Module) P/N 96893770. In New England, most of the wholesalers such as Blodgett Supply, F W Webb and The Granite Group stock them. There is an instructional step by step video under the video menu above.

The CIM 300 is a standard interface for data transmission between a BACnet MS/TP network and a Grundfos pump or controller. It makes data exchange possible between Grundfos pumping systems and a Building Management System or a supervisory controller.

The communication interface is based on standard BACnet object types, allowing for straight forward data access over the network.

The BACnet functional profile has been optimized for exchanging data between pumping systems and building management systems / operator workstations.

The CIM 300 is an add-on communication module installed internally in the Grundfos product with transmission speeds (BACnet): 9.6 / 19.2 / 38.4 / 76.8 kbps. In addition to BACnet MS/TP, interface modules are also available for GENIbus, LON, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, PROFINET IO, Profibus, GSM/GPRS (wireless communication) and GRM.

Pictured to the left are the some of the data points that can be attained through the card. For more detailed technical information, please go to the CONTROLS tab to learn more.

Note: As of Jan 1 2019, this same CIM card will fit the new ECM motors up to 15 HP now packaged with the CRE-DPs, VLSE, TPE, CMBE and others.