Question: How do I set up 20 HP TPE pumps for alternating lead-lag control?

Answer: The first step is to make sure that both pumps have the same MLE type (asynchronous or ECM) motor. These instructions are for asynchronous motors only. Each pump requires a TPED card, P/N 96642667 and the 1.6 m cable which is P/N 96877115. Once installed, it will automatically recognize the added-on TPED card.

Please do note that the Duty/Standby menu will not be seen on the GO App but the system will automatically alternate the pumps every 24 hours. However, you will need to connect the two TPED cards together using TPED cable (see picture below) and ensure that the Switch on the TPED card is set on Alternation instead of Backup or standby (see picture below)