This section contains Grundfos advanced logic pump installations that have resulted in energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.  A large majority of these are retrofits that the previous pumps did not have VFD’s, pressure differential sensors or logic controls.

The payback for the building owners is immediate. For example, the typical Magna 3 energy savings when replacing a Taco 1600 or a Bell & Gossett 60 series is about 90% and the maintenance cost is eliminated. Unlike the competition that all have the potential of future leaking mechanical seals, the Grundfos are wet rotor design that do not require them. The Magna 3 pumps also do not need couplers that often come out of alignment causing damage to the pumps.

The typical life span of a pump in a hydronic heating/cooling application is 20 years. The life cycle cost breakdown is as follows:

  • Purchase Price: 10%
  • Maintenance Cost: 5%
  • Energy Consumption: 85%

Most all of the installations shown were not for replacing dead pumps, they were for energy upgrades that the numbers proved to the building owners/energy consultants/engineers that it was much more beneficial to replace existing working pumps than to wait for them to end their life cycle.

If interested in saving energy and reducing maintenance costs, contact your local wholesaler or Grundfos rep agency.