Below are pictures of jobs that Grundfos fully integrated CRE-DP series replaced base mounted pumps.

This is what the typical energy upgrade looks like.

CRE-DP on a chiller loop.

CRE-DP for a commercial office building.

Notice that suction diffusers are not required on a multistage pump.

CRE-DP on a chiller.

CRE-DP mounted high on stand.

One CRE-DP added, the redundant Taco base mounted pump is next.

CRE-DP in a chilled water application.

Redundant CRE-DP’s in a heating loop.

Notice no suction diffusers required.

CRE-DPs in a hospital addition.

Six CRE-DPs on a custom fabricated stand.

CRE-DPs on a chilled water application.

CRE-DP’s with Grundfos GNLA expansion tank.