Question: Can the Magna 3 models accept either an external pressure sensor for differential pressure control or a temperature sensor for BTU monitoring applications?

Answer: Yes, Grundfos offers a combination pressure and temperature sensor that measures from 0-232 psi (0-16 bar) and 14 – 248 F (-10 to 120 C ). It is a type RPI T2 and the P/N is 98355521.

The output is a 0-10 signal that gets connected to the analog input signal as shown below. Please note that the Magna 3 series has only one analog input. The length options for the screened cable is the 6.5′, P/N 98374260 or the 16.4′ which is P/N 98374271.

The next step would be to set it up on the control screen by going to the main menu tab ASSIST, choose “Setup, Analog Input”, select your function option, (ie: Differential pressure-control), “0-10”, “Linear with Min” and your done.