The CUE drive that comes with the VLSC inline pump has a start-up wizard that is intuitive and fairly easy to program. It will ask to verify such factors as motor phase, RPM, HP etc. However, there are occasionally several necessary steps that get missed. Below they are listed:

Under “Pump family” be sure to select “OTHER” when programming to operate on Proportional Diff Pressure mode.

The DP sensor 1 value should be set for 4-20 mA.

There are 2 dip switches located behind the faceplate controller for landing points #53 & #54. These switches can be set to “U” (left) for 0-10V signals or to “I” (right) for 4-20 mAmp signals. Make sure switches are set to “I”.

Verify that the brown wire is to 12-30V Supply #12 and the blue to sensor input #54

The direction of rotation is automatically set during the startup process. It will start up in reverse then go to clockwise rotation.