Question: What control settings are recommended for multiple applications in a typical HVAC system?

Answer: There are several options depending on the application. For example, the Magna 3 is set in default in AutoAdapt (self-optimization) control mode. This is applicable for about 80% of system heating applications as long as the pump was duty point was selected to be within the specific curve. For example, this Magna 3 below must be operating in the blue shaded area within the curve to satisfy the demand.

If the actual demand is a high head/low flow or high flow/low head, it needs to be changed to proportional pressure that offers a wider range constant pressure. Once set to proportional pressure, make the setpoint the highest head pressure required. The pump will adjust itself from that point to 50% of it automatically as valves open and close. Most facility HVAC techs I work with occasionally adjust down the setpoint until they can maintain the demand at its lowest most efficient set point.

Below is a cheat sheet that lists the recommended settings for multiple system applications.

For additional information, contact your Grundfos wholesaler or rep agency.