Question: I am installing Magna 3’s throughout a school district and am not sure which of the control options to choose?

Answer: The control mode is based on the pumps application.

For example, for the boiler feed in primary-secondary piping, the control mode should be set to constant curve or constant pressure to maintain the flow. On the system side with two way valves, the factory default setting is AutoAdapt which is the preferred and most efficient setting. The pump will automatically adjust to the systems demands saving energy by not over-pumping the zones.

In short, below are the most common settings for multiple applications in a closed loop system:

Boiler Feed – Constant Curve or Constant Pressure

Air Handlers – AutoAdapt or Proportional Pressure

AC Coil – Proportional Pressure

Perimeter Radation – Constant Pressure or Differential Pressure

Recommended Control Options

For technical support on your adjusting your E-Series pump to the correct setting, contact your local Grundfos rep agency.