Urell Express Guide

Welcome to the new and improved Grundfos pump selection software.  User can expect an array of benefits developed to make selecting and scheduling pumps easier than ever before.  The top features of the Express include:

  • Simplified or advanced input conditions
  • Complete offering of all Grundfos pumps as potential choices
  • Prominent thumbnail curves for easier selection
  • Ability to manage projects and pumps
  • Quick access to submittal and specification documents
  • Create and export pump schedules

Guide in PDF format: Grundfos Express Guide

Grundfos Express website: https://grundfos.portal.intelliquip.com/account/sign_up


To select the most efficient pumps, your default must be set to Motor Power Optimized. To set up, follow the instructions below:

After creating a project name, go to INPUTS and place the mouse over the picture of the gear in the top right screen as shown below:

Next choose Default Preferences just to the left of the gear picture as displayed below:

Choose General Preferences in the center of the page.

Drop down to Search quick list and choose Motor Power Optimized at the bottom of the screen.

For any additional questions, call the Grundfos tech support line at 1-844-994-2850.