Question: Can a Magna 3 be set for a minimumConstant Flow flow rate?

Answer: Yes, but in a round about way. The new Magna3’s (model D) have constant flow as a new control mode option. Any small Magna3 with date code of PC1835 and later or any medium and large Magna 3’s (32-60 and 32-100) with date code of PC1846 and later will have this option.

Once set in this mode, a GPM setpoint will maintain the flow desired. This uses the calculated flow rate only, so it will not connect to an external flow sensor in this case.  Ideally, I would like to see an aditional control mode like AutoFlow (sets max flow limit) but for a minimum limit.

Magna 3 TagTo read a date code, it is listed on the nameplate in the top left corner and is read as the following example: PC1846 refers to it being manufactured in 2018 on the 46th week.

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