The Grundfos line of VLC/VLSC, single stage, inline pumps with CUE drive (Grundfos variable frequency drive), and control are part of the family of pumps, which are better engineered to increase efficiency and reduce radial loads. The VLC and VLSC pumps are the smart choice for number of reasons.

  • Pump, motor, and variable frequency drive are supplied by one supplier
  • All components you need are in one pump
  • Simple set up on CUE with predefined control modes
  • 16 steps to get a system up and running
  • Energy savings due to on-demand performance
  • Grundfos sensor technology
  • Vertical inline mounting for floor space savings
  • Axially split coupling enhances ease of service and alignment (VLSC)
  • Spacer coupling allows easy replacement of mechanical seal without removing the motor and drive (VLSC)
  • Highly efficient for reduced operation costs
  • Integrated frequency drive cuts planning, purchasing, installation, and commissioning costs


  • Chilled Water
  • Condensed Water
  • Hot Water
  • Service Water
  • District Cooling/Heating Systems
  • Boiler/Hydronic Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Cooling Towers
  • Pressure Boosting
  • Plumbing
  • General Industry/Power Plants
  • Water Utility

Features and benefits

VLC Close Coupled In-line pump with CUE

VLSC Split Coupled In-line pump with CUE

16 steps easy start up guide on CUE

  • Predefined settings and control modes on CUE
  • Saves floor space and reduces piping
  • No flexible connectors or foundation grouting needed
  • Mounts like a valve for quick installation
  • No coupling alignment or bearing frame assembly needed
  • Equal Size Suction and Discharge Pipes – no need for reducers or other fittings
  • Double Volute – extends seal and bearing life, minimizes noise and vibration, & improves operating efficiency
  • Spacer coupling on Type VLSC allows easy replacement of mechanical seal without removing motor – minimal downtime and reduced maintenance cost
  • Axially split coupling on Type VLSC enhances ease of service and alignment
  • Isolation pads between Mounting plate and CUE to absorb vibration and reduce heat transfer on the motor
  • Back Pull-Out Design – enables maintenance without disturbing piping
  • Multiple material selections allow for customization to meet specific requirements
  • Heavy Duty Cast & Machined Motor Bracket – rigid and reliable mounting surface with easy alignment
  • Case Wear Rings – reduce maintenance costs and maintain high efficiencies
  • Francis Vane Impeller Design – increases efficiency and reduces NPSH required
  • Trimmed and Balanced Impellers – customization, reduced noise and vibration, & prolonged seal and bearing life
  • Vertical Shaft Configuration – promotes longer seal and bearing life
  • Shaft Sleeves –extend life of shaft and usable life of pump
  • Suction Baffle – creates a smooth, quiet pump operation