The Grundfos ALPHA2 26-99, P/N 99490916 is a medium sized, energy efficiency circulator fitted with a permanent magnet motor (ECM) and frequency converter. Featuring eight different operating modes including constant pressure AUTOADAPT and proportional pressure AUTOADAPT. It is a perfect fit for any heating application.

The AUTOADAPT functionality enables the ALPHA2 26-99 to control operation automatically within a defined performance range. When set in proportional pressure AUTOADAPT or constant pressure AUTOADAPT, the pump will automatically analyze the heating system, find the optimum system curve and duty point and continue to adjust its operation to changes in demand.

A magnetite resistant design, robust ceramic shaft and stainless-steel bearing plate ensure that the ALPHA2 26-99 reliably delivers the optimal system flow at the lowest possible energy consumption.

This model has 8 intelligent control modes:

–             Three defined proportional pressure curve settings

–             Three defined constant pressure curve settings

–             Constant pressure AUTOADAPT

–             Proportional pressure AUTOADAPT

Other features of this new ECM circulator are the following:

•            Magnetite resistant design protects the pump from harmful iron oxide found in heating systems

•            High efficiency pump design and controls reduce energy consumption by up to 85%

•            360 [mNm] starting torque clears pump of system debris and sediment

•            Designed with trusted ECM technology which has been used by Grundfos for more than 16 years

•            System and pump protection warning and alarm indicators

•            LED light indicators for pump settings and alarms

•            Easy to use push button control settings

Alpha 2 26-99 Pump Curve

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