This was my first pump case study that I did as a by-product of site visit to an apartment complex in Keene, NH to troubleshoot an issue for the Property Manager. The problem was that the tenants were complaining about noise from the mechanical room. 

The specific issue was the sounds coming from Taco 1600’s that were keeping them up at night. I suggested switching them to the wet rotor designed Magna are extremely quiet. While there, I asked if I could install data loggers on the pumps for a few weeks to compare the two just to see what kind of energy savings we could see by using this new ECM Magna pump .

The results were a success with no longer having any more noise complaints and the building owner reducing his pump energy costs by roughly 90%. (This not include his now zero maintenance cost.)  This facility were replacing the mechanical seals on the Taco’s about every 18-24 months. There are no mechanical seals in the Magna’s to break down and wet-rotor pumps that have a typical life cycle of 20 years.      

For more information on Magna 3 pumps, contact your local Grundfos supplier.

Since this apartment complex was upgraded, the Magna first generation has evolved to the highly advanced Magna 3 series which has gained both hydraulic and motor efficiency making the savings even greater.

The Magna 3 series are now stocked at every Grundfos supplier in New England and have resulted in hundreds of thousands of KW savings/reduced maintenance costs for building owners everywhere.

 For more information, contact your local Grundfos wholesaler.