The Contractors’ Information Source for Grundfos Advanced Logic Pumps

Welcome to This informational site was created for those who have a thirst for knowledge on the most technically advanced HVAC/Plumbing circulator and pump packages in our industry – Grundfos advanced logic pumps.

As a member of the TPG (Technical Products Group) at Urell, I spend my fully scheduled days working with and calling on multiple industry channel business partners such as Specifying Engineers, Energy Consultants, Facilities Managers/HVAC Techs, Control Contractors, Balancing Contractors, Wholesale Distribution and their Inside/Outside Sales teams.

However, my favorite part of the week by far is spending time in mechanical rooms with extremely knowledgeable and professional mechanical contractors throughout New England.

As  a team approach, together we collectively solve pumping system issues and create intelligent energy saving solutions to best benefit their building owners. They are truly passionate about their projects while always open for mutually exchanging technical knowledge and best practice application experiences.

Over the past decade, their technologically advanced pump series (Alpha, Alpha 2, CMBE, Magna 3, TPE3, CRE-DP, VLSE and Boosterpaq) that dominate Europe has been a tremendous focus by the dedicated and highly technically trained TPG members at Urell. Our goal is to continue to raise the industry bar by educating the New England trades on this modern pumping technology.

To develop this site, I sorted and reviewed hundreds of pages of publicly available technical documents so you don’t have to. This website delivers only useful relevant information that the trades require for their Grundfos installations and troubleshooting.

This site is specifically created for those who sell, specify, build-design, install, configure, balance, commission, wholesale, repair or simply want to learn more about greatly reducing their energy and eliminating  their pump maintenance costs.

I hope this resource provides the information you need and finish your project on schedule. 

Best regards,

Rich Fredette

TPG Commercial Sales