CaptureQuestion: How do I replace electrical fittings that was accidently thrown out for connecting the Magna 3 power feed and BMS.

Answer: You need two size metric to imperial fittings listed below to wire the power and the BMS controls. They are in the connector kit, P/N 98126866 which also includes the molex connector. (This is the white box that is packaged being the face plate when shipped.) Check first. 

The BMS fitting is 16 mm x 1.5″ (Urell P/N SC.AM.1612BK) and the power feed is a 20 mm x 1.5″ (Urell P/N SC.AM20BK.) If needed quickly, have your wholesaler order the Urell stocked ones above for quick delivery time. 


I highly suggest keeping half a dozen of each size each in your truck and ask your wholesaler supplier stock them.  There are thousands of Magna’s sold in New England and the list of installations are growing weekly. Unfortunately, small parts like these get thrown out more than you would think.

Good luck in finishing your installation on time and on budget.