Below is a list of these essential parts for wholesale suppliers, mechanical contractors, service technicians, control contractors, and facilities HVAC depts. that work on Grundfos advanced logic pumps.

 Top Essential Parts and Accessories  

  • Grundfos Go Bluetooth remote – P/N 98046408
  • Magna 3 electrical connector – P/N SC.AM2012BK
  • Magna 3 replacement sensor kit – P/N 98471249
  • BACnet CIM card (Magnas)- P/N 96893770
  • BACNET CIU module w/CIM card – P/N 96893769
  • CRE-DP (Large) replacement seal cartridge kit – P/N 96525458
  • Replacement differential pressure sensor cord – P/N 98604910
  • MLE Motor high temp grease – P/N 91079414 
  • MLE Motor electrical connectors P/N 96571805

Below is detailed information about these recommended essential parts. 

 *Grundfos Go Remote MI 301, P/N 98046408 

The Bluetooth® Grundfos Go remote which replaced the previous infrared R100 remote is compatible with all E-series except the residential Alpha circulator models.   

In a nutshell, a few of the many features that I use daily are changing control modes, configuration settings, troubleshooting, BMS connections and creating start-up reports.

The remote requires the Grundfos Go app download from the iPhone App store or Google Play for Android devices. It even has an offline demo mode and sizing selector with curves built-in. This is an essential device for all service technicians, balancing contractors and mechanical contractor installers. Don’t leave home without it.

*Magna/MLE Connectors for Power and BMS Controls


The MLE motors have metric to US threaded connections. We often get frantic calls (mostly on Friday afternoons) from both contractors and wholesalers looking to get them after being lost during an installation.

The connector for the BMS control wires is *Urell P/N SC.AM1612BK (16mm x ½”) and the power supply connector is *Urell P/N SC.AM2012BK (20mm x ½”). Please note that the metric side is female connection and sold as per each.

Due to the problem of so many connectors were getting accidently thrown in the trash, the factory is now safely packing them along with the green power module in a small white box INSIDE BEHIND the faceplate. This way they are still there by the time the electrician shows up. Smart move by someone at Grundfos, thanks for listening to your installers suggestions. Be sure to look there before buying any additional connectors in haste.

Note to wholesale distribution partners – This is a Urell P/N, not a Grundfos material number.

  • Magna 3 Replacement Differential Pressure/Temperature Sensor P/N 98471249 

The replacement sensor kit that includes the sensor wire cable, mounting bracket and screw or purchase as sensor only as P/N 98700244 at half the cost of the full kit.

WARNING: If you do not have a Spirotherm VDT coalescing media air/dirt eliminator maintaining your closed loop system loops, I would highly suggest keeping several spare sensors in the shop. The well proven Spirotherm solution is addressed in specific detail under the Spirotherm tab. It is well worth the quick read.


*BMS (CIM) Communication Interface Module Card P/N 96893770

The BACnet cards are hugely popular with the control contractors due to Grundfos being BACnet certified and the cards are simple to configure.  (See video for detailed instructions)

This is the number one CIM card sold by Grundfos. It is for Magna 3 series and the new CRE-DPs up to 15 HP.     


Note: For older asynchronous models (pre-mid 2018) less than 15 HP, they use the CIU 300 BACnet module, P/N 96893769. (The CIM card is included inside the external module.)

Other protocols are available such as LON, Modbus, etc.

*Replacement  Cartridge Seal Kits 

Shaft Seal Kit

Amazingly there are only three cartridge seal kits, small, medium and large for roughly 1200 plus CR models. The CR is the standard unit multi-stage pump. The cartridges are the same for all models.

Multi-Stage Series: 1/3/5 P/N 96455086  (Example; CRE 3-1)

Multi-Stage Series: 10/15/20 P/N 96511844 (Example; CRE 15-1)

Multi-Stage Series: 32/45/64/90 P/N 96525458 (Example; CRE 64-1)

Note: There is a white plastic spacer tool in the cartridge seal box that is used to create a gap when installing. This is important that the spacing is done BEFORE re-installing the four bolts on the coupling.

Sensor Wire.JPG

 *MLE Motor  Replacement 6’ Differential Pressure Sensor Cord P/N 98604910

This is the DP sensor cord that occasioned gets stretched or torn when rotating the pump head without first disconnecting one side.

Replacement Bearing Grease


The MLE motors use Lithium based electric motor bearing grease, which is not compatible with polyurea based electric motor greases that are standard in other manufacturer’s motors. Grundfos uses Mobile Unirex N3 at the MLE factory. That info is printed on a tag on the motor housing. A lithium-based grease compatible with this must be used. The Grundfos order info for the Lithium-based grease Cartridge is P/N. 91079414.

For more information, log on to

Installers Tip – When commissioning, bring a label maker and leave the re-order numbers for this and the replacement seal cartridge kit labeled on the pump. It is just is good professional courtesy for the building owner’s staff for future concerns.

Another useful tip is to use the grease reminder message that automatically shows up on the pump head screen and have the controls contractor add it as a data point to the BMS.  It takes the all the guess-work out from when to service them every time.

This grease PM subject often gets glossed over but if not paid attention to will cause expensive damage your investment in the pumps.

The factory recommended preventative maintenance is every six months for extreme use, once a year for severe use and every three years for standard use applications.  Grundfos E-Solutions MLE models 10 HP and under are permanently sealed with no lubrication required.

Grundfos VLSE strain relievers

*MLE Motor Electrical Connectors  P/N 96571805
This is the bag of various electrical connectors that comes with the the CRE,CRE-DP, VLSE models with no P/N listed on the packaging .

This contains multiple metric sizes for power and BMS controls wiring. If you are installing Grundfos commercial pumps, it is recommended to keep at least a set of these in the shop at all times. 

* Stocked at Urell.