The Grundfos E-Solutions have an extensive option range and multiple supported protocol formats such as BACnet, LON, LON (MPC), Modbus, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus TCP/COMU.

There are two levels of BMS integration for Grundfos E-Solutions pumps that is consistent throughout all of series.

Start Stop

The first level is to enable start/stop and fault on analog inputs as shown below.  As usual, always use shielded cable for inputs and set point signals.

BACnet card

Level two requires the installation of a CIM card (Communication Interface Module) that will provide the BMS with an impressive 248  available data points to the front end. In New England, just two BACnet CIM cards make up roughly 90% of all sales.

The most common is the BACnet CIM300, P/N 96893770 which is for ALL Magna 3’s and the new ECM MLE motors.  This card is stocked by most all  major wholesalers and Urell Inc.


The second most requested is the CIU 300 BACnet module P/N 96893769 that is for the asynchronous MLE motors under 15 HP UNLESS it is one of the new ECM motors (Q3, 2018) that comes with the CRE-DP’s, TPE’s, VLSE’s or LCSE’s.

For Controls Support that includes all CIM card configuration questions, CUE Modules, Wiring, BACnet and other protocol troubleshooting, call 1-800-994-2850, extension two. You must have information ready off the pump tags (both wet side and motor) and protocol format before speaking to the Application Engineer.