Question: What’s the difference between a CR and a CRE-DP? In Vermont, the Efficiency Vermont offers energy incentives for the CRE-DP. We have had regular CR’s for our boiler feeds for years. 

Answer: The CR is the standard Grundfos multi-stage pump that has been used for years for industrial process and boiler feeds. It is known as a bullet proof pump and a better choice over a base mounted design.

The CRE-DP is the same multi-stage pump but it his configured for HVAC applications. The “E” in the CRE-DP stands for “electronic drive” so it has a integrated VFD. The “DP” refers to the built in Differential Pressure sensors. By having these components along with the most important part, Grundfos self- optimization logic this series is the most energy efficient, reliable and lowest maintenance cost of any pumps in the industry.


For specifiers designing a new building, it is the preferred pump over base mounted models due to taking up about 1/5th the floor space, no longer required is the concrete housekeeping pad, elimination of expense of suction diffusers and a longer life cycle.

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