Question: I have recently had Grundfos Magna’s of several sizes (40-120’s to 65-150’s) installed throughout my university campus. Can you suggest a list of parts to stock?

Answer: The part that you should keep on hand is a spare sensor, P/N 98461249. It fits all the Magna series regardless of the size.

Welcome to the 21st century of Grundfos intelligent thinking of no longer having to waste your money and tie up storage space for having to stock multiple sizes of seal kits, spare motors and other parts that are required with the 1950’s designed B&G 60’s,Taco 1600s, Armstrong H series etc.

Since the Grundfos Magna’s are wet rotor design, there are no mechanical seals to fail providing them with a maintenance free life cycle. If you want to save some money, you can purchase just the sensor itself for about half the cost under Grundfos P/N 98700244. Unlike older pumps where every part is a special order, A  Magna is a boxed product on the shelf at almost any local Grundfos wholesaler and at Urell.

Spiirotherm.JPGPlease note that if you are going through sensors and most likely seals on your older pumps , you have an air/dirt issue in your system that needs to be addressed before it causes more damage.

Replacing the sensor is just a band-aid on a dirty water system that will damage your mechanical seals, valves, heat exchangers, piping and any all of the equipment that the “liquid sandpaper” flows through.

The entrained air and dirt can be successfully resolved by installing a Spirotherm VDT series combination eliminator. Don’t drink the latest “‘Magnet Filter is better Cool-Aid” propaganda or make the long-term costly mistake of using a regular tangential separator.  For the record, Grundfos offers magnetic filters in their line and it would be much easier  for me to package them with the pumps. However, I know that the Spirotherm VDT is such a superior product in so many ways.

My experience in many facilities has shown that the Spirotherm will do everything that a magnet filter will AND remove all of the non-ferrous particulates AND you do not have to take apart and maintain the vessel in the closed loop system.This is why so many experienced Facility Managers that have tried them all will not allow any tangential or copycat “value added” device to replace the gold standard of Spirotherm in their buildings.

Sorry about the rant, but I hate seeing building owners wasting their budgets on a silver or bronze level product when the gold is less expensive long-term. This bad decision (usually made by someone not educated on the of air/dirt elimination) will cause issues for years to come far outweighing its initial acquisition cost.